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Internships, Apprenticeships, and Programs for High School Students, College Students, and the Workforce

HCCPG has joined forces with the Maryland Hispanic Business Foundation, Elizabeth Seton High School, and Building Blocks to provide programs for local students. Our partnership with colleges and local businesses enables us to offer a range of internships, apprenticeships, and work-to-hire opportunities. Explore these programs now!

Maryland Hispanic Business Foundation

ADD Us In Program: Add Us In is a Federal Granted Program aiming to build cross-sectorial capacity for educational work experiences and jobs for youth and young adults with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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BEST Program: The Business Empower Center (BEST) provides emerging and small businesses with the opportunity to network and attend webinars and seminars about marketing, business management, credits and loan education, County resources, labor law, taxes, and social media strategies.


Partnership Youth Initiative (PYI) Program: The Partnership Youth Initiative (PYI) is a youth mentorship/ internship program that brings together business professionals and disadvantaged high school youth.


The PYI program intends to increase the high school graduation rate among economically disadvantaged youth by easing financial pressures through paid internships.

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STEM Program: Coming soon.

For more information regarding the HBF, please visit the HBF website:

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Building Blocks

The Building Blocks Mentoring Program (BBMP) is a non-profit organization that helps young people through mentoring, empowering them to develop socially, educationally, and self-awareness. By connecting at-risk youth with caring adults from their communities, BBMP provides resources and career-building opportunities, enabling them to achieve academic growth and personal development. In partnership with GoSkills, an online learning platform, BBMP now offers support for individuals seeking to learn business skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Building Blocks IT Academy 

Looking for an opportunity to gain valuable skills for your career or further education? Consider the Building Blocks IT Academy, a tuition-free, six-month in-person learning program. The program offers Information Technology and Program Management training and has even partnered with Google to provide Career Certificate Scholarships for Project Management and other certificates. 

Apply now to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

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Elizabeth Seton High School

HCCPG has teamed up with Elizabeth Seton High School, a Catholic institution that upholds the values of the Daughters of Charity. By providing innovative and challenging academic programs, they aim to instill confidence in young women to excel in college, careers, and life. Seton fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment where students are encouraged to think critically and creatively, collaborate with others, and engage in community service. 

We are partnering with Seton on their Young Women's Entrepreneurship Program to provide internships for young women in local Prince George's County businesses.

Businesses who are seeking Interns:

HCCPG continues to partner with various organizations to provide programs, internships, and apprenticeships for Prince George’s County.  Learn more about our esteemed college and local business partners who make these programs possible. We'll provide information about their commitment to fostering talent and creating a bridge between academia and the workforce.

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If you're a business owner who wants to partner with HCCPG and offer a local student an internship, please send an email to

To apply for an Internship/Apprenticeship with a local Prince George’s County business please fill out the form below:

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